Saturday, June 18, 2011

macam macam #1

Time frame : anaesthesiology posting (Jun 2010)
Location     : operation theater
Topic         :  teaching :emergency management for sudden non breathing patient

Dr            :  what would you do when u see a patient in emergency, non breathing but present of pulse, when u only have this needle? (excluded CPR)

MStud          : urrm..i think we can use this large bore needle to pierce patient's neck at cricothyroid area ,isn't  it?

Dr                 : ya correct,but the problem is,  u can't directly connect it to the Ambu what all you have to do is ..(while showing the students some to connect the needle with the ambu bag by using something..) 
Dr                 : just like the MacGyver...

MStud2        : oooo....urrrm...Dr how to spell the ..what..MacGyver  or something..?

other MStuds : kehkehkeh....hailahhhh (tak baik tau ketawakan orang..jangan ikot contoh ini =)

M.stud2        : did i miss something??

okay,  probably right, some said medical students are book worm.( but frankly say that only some' of them)
               Ambu bag-manual bagging/self inflating resuscitator bag to assist ventilation


Time frame  :  keluar jalan
Lokasi         : dalam kereta
Topic          :  nama gelaran

(bukan nama sebenar)
Ani                      : Peah, tolong antarkan message dekat si pulan ni..
                             (si Ani sedang memandu)
Peah                    : okay ko letak ape name die..
Ani                      : just taip..Dr pulan
Peah                    : weh apsal  letak sume name budak medic Dr kat depan eh?
Ani                      : haaa..sebab nanti bile dah keje tak payah tukar lagi da.
Peah                    : haha..betol gak ye..urm.. baik letak Prof je trus kat depan x payah tukar-tukar lagi..hee
Ani & bedah       : hahaha..
Bedah                 : tak lar.. baik letak terus name allahyarhamah/allahyarham terus... semua confirm dapat punye nanti.....
Ani,Peah            : peeergh..  (insaf-insaf)

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