Saturday, November 28, 2015

Assalamualaikum wbt.
 its has been a looong time since my last update in this blog. Quite a shock, its almost 5 years since my last update in 2011. its about a year before my graduation for my last blog update. fuuuh, if i have a baby, he might already go to the kindergarten by now. hehe.
 Ya a lot of things happened in these 5 years. I graduated from medical school in 2012, and starts working as a house officer in Hosp Sultanah Aminah for 2 years. Then i continue to work in a district hospital after  finished my Housemanship in July 2014 ,till today. The place where i learn more to be a real doctor as I'm the one being a Ho, Mo and specialist to my patients. Lots of  precious experiences ,ups and down that i have encountered.Even though a lot of things had happened, i felt thankful that i was chosen to be one of them to serve a humankind for a better life. I never regret to be one of them in this noble profession even though a lot of things that i and my loves  needs to sacrifice to keep in this field .As for now, i would say  if i have other choice to pursue my life, i will never left my current profession  .But still,who can predict our future. If i still have to leave, i will always update myself with this valuable knowledge.
Okelah got to go. Hopefully this is just a beginning,  a come back speech for  more updates in future .haha yolahtuh.oke cekidaut.

*the huge transformation that i hope still not happen yet.huhu.chow
 assalamualaikum w.b.t.